Month: August 2012

A New Design to Braces: American Orthodontics Empower System

Can’t get used to the idea of getting braces? Magestro Orthodontics is making this a more pleasant experience with the Empower System brackets that are made right here in Sheboygan, Wisconsin by American Orthodontics Corporation. Empower braces come in clear and metal brackets and allow your orthodontist to tailor your treatment to your specific case. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, more than one million adults, and many more teens, in North America have braces. But they’re not all the same. Here are four great reasons by Empower by American Orthodontics is superior to others in the field.

1.) They are designed around comfort. The edges of each bracket are rounded and sculpted for a smoother surface to avoid sores and cuts in your mouth.

2.) Quick and easy adjustments. In the past, small ligature ties held the main arch wire in place. However, self-ligating Emplower clips offer slow but steady tension, speeding up your appointments with minimal discomfort and shortening your overall treatment time.

3.) Stronger braces. The Empower System eliminates the need for rubber ties. The clips are made out of heat-treated chromium which does not stain or get worn down.

4.) They blend beautifully and there is no staining. Empower System Clear brackets are made up of extremely stable ceramic materials and they will hardly be noticed!

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