Month: May 2017

Retainers ARE Important!

Did you know that your teeth have a memory?  If you don’t follow your retention instructions and wear your retainer as prescribed, teeth can move.  Don’t let all your hard work go to waste.  Keep your beautiful new smile for a lifetime with proper retainer wear.

Elastics are Important!

Are you guilty of not wearing your rubber bands?  We hope not, because NOT wearing them as prescribed can definitely slow down treatment.  And, we know you want your braces to come off on schedule.  Let us know if you have any problems with rubber band compliance – we’ll help!

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You don’t necessarily have to wait for a child’s molars to come in before seeing an Orthodontist!  The American …

30 Second SMILE challenge!

Forcing yourself to smile for 30 seconds releases chemicals that can change your mood. So, set your timer and see if it works …

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Just because you did not have orthodontic treatment as a child, it is not too late!  On average, 25-30% of patients …