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Traveling with Braces

With school ending, thoughts turn to vacation time, so we always like to share this little reminder with you. Wherever your summer travels take you, don’t forget to pack for your braces. Here are a few items you should be certain to have on hand in addition to your toothbrush:
• Wax
• Rubber Bands (if prescribed to wear)
• Tylenol or Ibuprofen
• Floss & Threaders
• Proxy Brush
• Orabase-B

Repair Tips for Travel: The following is intended to provide general information regarding how you might treat some of the more common orthodontic emergencies while traveling.
• Loose Band or Bracket: Leave it in place and try to put wax on it.
• Loose Wire: Try to put it back in place with tweezers. If you are not able to re-insert the wire, clip it using nail clippers behind the last tooth to which it is attached. Use wax if necessary.
• Poking Wire: Try to push it down using an eraser or use wax.
• Loose Appliance: Place wax on the appliance to keep it intact.
• Sore Teeth: Use warm salt water rinses & take Tylenol or Ibuprofen as recommended.

If you do have an issue while you’re away, be sure to phone us when you get back to determine if we need to see you. Happy travels!

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